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Retro Lens Review: Super Cosina 70 – 210mm 1:4.5 -5.6

It’s kind of an odd thing, but the Cosina 70-210mm was actually my first M42 lens. I bought it together with my Praktica MTL5B in 2013. Since then the lens has been dormant on my shelf because after a short test I realized that the quality wasn’t the very best. In general, the rumor persists that M42 zoom lenses are said to be of poor quality. And after eight years of slumber on the shelf, I will try to get […]

American Football in Austria: One Season with the Styrian Reavers

Upper Austria, October 23, 2021: Defensive lineman Jeffrey Owie leaves the locker room without another word. He, too, cannot believe the events of the last few hours. Even if other players can joke again while having a beer, the emotion is at an unexpected low. Actually, nobody had expected the loss to the Gladiators and the end of the season at the first round of the playoffs. But American Football is American Football. And often it’s the little things that […]

Retro Lens Review: Yashica 28mm f/2.8

November days are short, cold and unfriendly. So perfect conditions to finally get another M42 lens off the shelf and test it for a review. Since autumn is known to produce the best colors, I have formulated three tasks for the day: test the Yashica lens, make the models Eva and Julia happy with good photos and, last but not least, prove to myself that I can get good photos out of every lens. But let’s start with the technical […]

How performs the Canon 100-400mm f / 4.5-5.6L in 2021?

„Nobody Likes you when your Twentythree!“ – says  at least Blink-182 in their all-time hit Whats My Age Again. And a lens in my collection is celebrating its 23rd birthday this year. Since I have not yet subjected the EF100-400mm f / 4.5-5.6L IS USM telephoto zoom lens to a review on my blog, this is now due to his birthday. Although the lens has not been in my possession for 23 years – I bought it second-hand some time […]

Retro Lens Review – Pentacon Auto 2.8 / 135

Apart from cracked lips, February days often only leave a mild impression and the impression of winter on the descending branch. A sky that reflected the most average shade of gray in the color palette hung over the Furtnerteich and the blanket of snow that was still continuous a few days ago has given way to a white and brown patchwork carpet. Conditions that I couldn’t really get out of that day. But ideal conditions would not be a challenge […]

Lens test: YONGNUO Macro Lens YN60mm F2 MF

Often you just have to get a little closer. And it is precisely this part – in this case the close focus limit – that I have often missed until now, in order to be able to photograph smaller subjects in full format. This is extremely important, especially with flowers, insects or close-up details. So I was all the happier when the Chinese manufacturer Yongnuo offered me the YN60mm F2 MF macro lens for testing. In the last few days […]

Vintage Lens Review – Carenar 35mm 1:2.8

„Not seeing the forest for the trees.“ – That fits with this blog post not only because the test photos were all taken with trees in the foreground or background, but also because I ignored the Carenar 35mm lens in my small but fine lens collection for far too long. In this focal length range I  always preferred the Yashica 28mm or the Pentacon 29mm (until now). A big mistake as it turned out. But let’s start with the specifications: […]

Winter fun with horse power!

„I think there will be no more snow today“ I texted Natalie as I pessimistically looked at the few snowflakes from the sky. „Well, there is already heavy snowfall here“ came the answer from Nati, who actually lives only 2km away. „Well then let’s go, let’s do it“ I replied and hastily began to pack my photo backpack. When I got to Natalie 20 minutes later, I was already 3 centimeters on the road and I had to walk the […]

Moonset and sunrise on the Kreischberg

It was an astonishingly mild morning when the frosty wind whipped into my face. But I was too excited to feel the cold. You don’t get chauffeured to a summit in a skidoo every day. And certainly not at 6 a.m. But my job that day was to photograph the sunrise at the summit cross of the Kreischberg, which is why I was able to use this pleasant means of transport. But that’s not all, because apart from the perfect […]

Review: GET FRACTALS Filter Set

There are often just nuances that make the difference between a boring and a perfect photo. From my love for retro lenses, I know that it is often imperfection that makes a photo really special. Lens flares, blurring or distortion in the optics – it is precisely these changes that subconsciously stand out from the everyday mush of photos. And it is precisely this charm of the mixture that often invites you to linger over a photo instead of practicing […]