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Review: Fujinon 35mm f1.4

With the Fujifilm X-PRO 1, I actually have a camera gem with me when taking photos. Even if the camera is 8 years old, the built-in X-Trans CMOS sensor is the basis for an inimitable image look. For this reason, I took a closer look at the Fujinon 35mm f1.4 lens during the last street photo shoot for this review. The focal length of 35 mm (56mm converted to full format) corresponds in terms of the image section to the […]

Review: Yongnuo EF 50mm F1.8

There is a new entry in my collection of 50mm lenses which sometimes enlarges and sometimes shrinks. But I’ve had my eye on the Yongnuo 50mm for quite a long time, as it has some very big advantages. So it is basically a replica of the second version of the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens, which originally came on the market in 1990 and was replaced by the STM version in 2015. This Canon lens was also my first 50mm lens […]

My personal Fest 18 recap

had the chance of spending my Fest as a part of the Fest photo team, where I tried to capture as many bands as possible. So within the three days I took pictures of around 75 bands in most of the Fest Venues (No CMC this year unfortunately). First from a photographers perspective:As this is a photo blog, i have to start with the Equipment i have used. I did not came with a flash, in contrast to most of […]

Manchester Punk Fest Recap

[Check English Verion Below] Großbritannien verbindet man ja nicht unbedingt mit sommerlichem Wetter; schon gar nicht im April. Umso mehr wundert es mich auch noch im Nachhinein, dass ich in den vier Tagen, die ich in Manchester verbrachte, keine einzige Wolke am Himmel sah. Perfekter hätten die Rahmenbedingungen für den Besuch eines Festivals also nicht sein können. Auch wenn die Konzerte der Manchester Punk Festivals ohnehin in Clubs stattfanden. In drei Tagen, auf sechs Stages, gaben sich mehr als 150 […]

My personal Fest 16 recap

It’s been a long time, since I wrote my last post on this blog in English. But as I am aware how many of my friends from the United States and all over the world are interested in my pictures of the Fest 16 (the best festival in the world to my mind),  I decided to give you my very own recap of five awesome days in Tampa and Gainesville, Florida. So here is my personal, non-ranked and  incomplete (maybe […]